We hope you have DirectTV and Cox.

Thunder fans without DirecTV and Cox Cable won’t be watching much of their favorite team during the 21-22 season. The Oklahoma City Thunder released their schedule for the upcoming season. On it, only four “nationally televised games”, and that’s if you consider NBA TV national television.

(I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of money that goes into TV deals, but in today’s day and age it’s extremely disappointing Bally Sports has not reached a deal with Hulu TV, YouTube TV, or even created their own a la carte subscription option.)

Thunder fans won’t have to worry about tanking in October. The beginning of Oklahoma City’s schedule is absolutely brutal. The Jazz, Rockets, 76ers, Warriors, Lakers, and Warriors again are the first six games for OKC. The first two games in November? A road trip to LA against the Clippers and Lakers.

Other notable games include:

  • Home Opener: 76ers (Oct. 24)
  • Russ and the Lakers first game in OKC (Oct. 27)
  • Kevin & The Nets come to town (Nov. 14)
  • New Year’s Eve at home vs. NY Knicks (Dec. 31)
  • At home vs. the defending champion Bucks (March 8)

With tanking looking to be beneficial once again for the Thunder, I expect the Thunder to stay at the bottom of the rankings after what should be a rocky start.

Tanking will feel a lot less dirty in 21-22. The Thunder look to be handing the reigns over to their young stars and the losses (and subsequent growth) will come naturally this season. Still, a young Thunder squad will likely be more competitive than most people expect in games and should be plenty of fun to watch… (assuming you have access to Bally Sports or tickets to the game.)

Printable Calendar via the OKC Thunder