About Boomtown Hoops

Boomtown [boom·​town] n

a town enjoying a business and population boom

Originally known as Up The Thunder, Boomtown Hoops was founded in the summer of 2014 with a goal of providing timely, forward-thinking coverage to fans of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Meet Our Team

Weston Shepherd — Founder / Editor-in-Chief

Weston founded Boomtown Hoops in 2014 with a simple goal — deliver Thunder news and analysis on social media in a witty, aesthetically pleasing way. This project is his love letter to two of his passions — digital marketing and the game of basketball.

Contact: rwestonshep@gmail.com

Dillon Young — Co-Founder / Managing Editor

Dillon co-founded Boomtown Hoops in 2014, contributing to our growth with his tweets, ideas, and uncanny ability to find the perfect GIF. His perspective helped shape our coverage from the beginning, and he’s carried us on his back more than once.

Adam McLaughlin — Graphic Designer

Adam came on board as graphic designer in 2015, instantly legitimizing the Boomtown Hoops with visuals that stood out on a crowded timeline. He Thunders Up from Lincoln, NE, and is more important to this project than he’ll take credit for.