White. White. More White. Loves.

Chris Creamer of SportsLogos.net tweeted our first look at the Thunder’s “City Edition” uniforms on Monday afternoon. The leaks come from the Thunder’s media guide and appear to continue the “Mixtape” trend of other NBA City Editions, combining different elements from past Thunder jerseys to make one. The jersey will be monochromatic. A lot of white, apparently.

It’s pretty fun to pick out the different aspects from past Thunder jerseys. The vertical “OKC” and number placement is reminiscent of the Thunder’s first navy blue alternate jersey. The “OKC” appears to be in the style of the O.G. Sunset jerseys. You get the “sound wave” lines from recent Statement jerseys.

The shorts also piece together past Thunder uniforms. The diagonal stripes come from the Native-American-inspired City Edition uniforms. AND we love those 2012 Navy Blue alternates so much that we paid homage to them again… with even more vertical “Thunder” type.

The best part of the alternate is also the smallest: The center of the waistband. Here we get a throwback to the Thunder’s placeholder logo used on the Summer League jerseys after the move from Seattle to OKC, before we had a logo and team name. THAT is pretty cool.

The “Mixtape” jerseys have been met with mixed opinion. As always, initial reviews are going to be split. Some people will love them while others will claim they’re the worst Thunder jersey yet. It happens with every. single. jersey. Me? I’ll wait until Friday, November 21st, when the Thunder first wear the City Edition jerseys, to give a final verdict on whether I like them or not.

I’ve gathered some thoughts, critiques, questions, and positives from Thunder fans since the jersey leaked online:

The Thunder should have gone with a MAJOR deep cut and given us THUDNER down the front of the jersey.

Screen Grab from NBA 2K13’s “leak” of the Thunder’s navy blue alternates with an unfortunate typo.