The Oklahoma City Thunder improve to 3-6. It was the Thunder’s third comeback win of the season, this time coming back from a 16-point first-half deficit.

The OKC Thunder defeat the San Antonio Spurs, 99-94.

  • You had to know this would be a Mike Muscala night. The guy showed up wearing a Yellowstone shirt, jeans, and boots.
  • The Thunder started this game 0-7. Fans had to stand through the drought (and a Mark Daigneault timeout.)
  • I’m still scratching my head at Poku’s future in the NBA.
  • He’s still young. I’m not out on him. And, in all fairness, his skillset being so unique means we should probably be very patient with him.
  • Idk what this is, but let’s chill:
  • Poku was better in his second stint of the night, hitting a big three right before the end of the third quarter to put the Thunder up by 10.
  • Mike Muscala hit back-to-back-to-back threes in this one. Had quite a run at one point.
  • Moose led the Thunder in scoring tonight: 20 points, 4 rebounds, 2 blocks.
  • Vit Krejci playing two games in one day would have been way cooler if it wasn’t for five seconds. He grabbed a rebound though!
  • Another Thunder fan hit the $20,000 Midfirst Bank half-court shot.
  • When does Midfirst start taking some zeroes off of that? The Thunder have had 2 fans hit the shot in their 4 home games.
  • #PutHalfCourtFanShotsInAllStarWeekend
  • The Spurs had a comeback of their own. Taking a lead midway through the fourth.
  • Darius Bazley has flashes, man. I love his ball-handling when he drives. He’s just got to learn how to finish after the nice moves.
  • Darius had a great game in the end: 11 points, 11 rebounds
  • SGA didn’t have it going in terms of scoring tonight, but did well as a playmaker.
  • You need nights like that, though. 25 a night from Shai is amazing… and he’s more than capable, but that might take away responsibility from some other players who need the experience.
  • SGA: 14 points, 8 rebounds, 10 assists
  • Other statlines worth mentioning:
    Dort: 13 pts, 7 reb
    JR3: 13 pts, 7 reb
    Giddey: 7 pts, 7 reb
  • Not Giddey’s best game either, but once again, he wasn’t nonexistent. Look at this pass to Dort for the slam:
  • Next up: Wednesday @ New Orleans Pelicans