Shai Gilgeous-Alexander had several massive plays in last night’s 107-104 win over the Los Angeles Lakers, but none were more electric than his non-chalant bomb from the L of the Lakers mid-court logo. I have watched it countless times, and I will watch it about a thousand more times today. Once it comes out on NBA Top Shot, it will make a fine addition to my collection.

Of course, with shots like this come many different versions, some better than others. Here are my favorites.

The Home Call

The standard, Thunder broadcast shot does what it needs to do: gives you all the angles you need. In terms of the call, it’s boilerplate Chris Fisher with some mid-tier Michael Cage action. I personally would have preferred a more Cage-y reaction, but hey, what are you gonna do.

Honestly, when watching this one all I can think about is how much I wish I could hear Brian Davis losing his mind, screaming “HE GOT IT!” over and over again until he runs out of breath. Those were the good days. Grade: B-

My Heart Will Go On

Of course, I’ve got to plug our Titanic tweet. I don’t even care if you think this is played out, these get me every time. This shot deserves the full glory of 2016 NBA Twitter, as well as 1998 Celine Dion. Grade: B+

Singing the (Forum) Blues

I love a good out of town call, mainly because you usually get the flip side of the home broadcast excitement. However, credit to Lakers play-by-play announcer Bill Macdonald for absolutely NAILING this call. “From the logo! THE LOGOOOO” is forever going to be the definitive thing I hear when I think of this shot. Chris Fisher, love ya man, but you got one upped here.

Also adding to the clip is Stu Lantz’s weird little chuckle at the end, that gets cut off before he starts criticizing SGA’s shot selection. Never change, Stu. Grade: A-

The Crowd Shot

Finally, my actual favorite clip: This crowd shot from @WestonThunder23 on Twitter. First off: nothing beats the phone camera crowd shot (especially when filmed horizontally, always go horizontal, kids). It’s even better though when the moment happens in favor of the visiting team, particularly if the team is fun and niche, like this Thunder team is.

My guy Weston out here is having the time of his life, along with the half dozen other Thunder faithful in Staples. The initial, quiet, “oh my god” followed by the throat shattering “HE’S A GOD” was the only proper reaction here. Dude skipped All-Star, Superstar, MVP and GOAT statuses for Shai and straight up deified him. This is the type of thing you shout at full blast when your 1-6, rebuilding basketball team gets a dub in a cathedral like Staples Center, and it is completely justified.

No logic. Just vibes. Grade: A+

Bonus: Of course, gotta give a hat tip to LeBron’s face after the shot. Not sure if he’s stunned or immediately thinking of trade scenarios.