We got our first look at the Thunder’s path forward on Friday night, as the NBA released its full schedule for Big Brother Orlando* (starting July 30). There are two nationally-televised games that we know of. Mike Cage and his co-host will have all eight on Fox Sports Oklahoma. Prepare yourself for brunch hoops, matinees, and flexibility on August 14. Nobody wanted to commit to anything specific 48 days from right now, you know?

By the way — the NBA’s new slogan is “Brand New Game” — which is, of course, short for we’re pretty confident this will work, but Rumble might have to hold down the 4-spot in the playoffs.

Below is the full schedule of games, times, and TV stations. It’s basically the graphic above, but for people that say things like “I just need to read it.

*Big Brother Bubble? Survi… No.

Saturday, August 1 — 2:30 PM

vs Utah Jazz


Episode Summary: Season premiere. Billy shows off his bedazzled mask. Rudy and Donovan remain at odds as they face a familiar foe.

Monday, August 3 — 3 PM

vs Denver Nuggets


Episode Summary: Nikola brags about his antibodies. Chris vows to snitch on him.

Wednesday, August 5 — 5:30 PM

vs LA Lakers


Episode Summary: Chris and Shai face their toughest opponent yet. LeBron reveals the bubble is part of the new Space Jam movie.

Friday, August 7 — 3 PM

vs Memphis Grizzlies


Episode Summary: Ja dunks with relative frequency. Steven is disappointed to find they aren’t actually bears.

Sunday, August 9 — 11:30 AM

vs Washington Wizards


Episode Summary: Lu proves impervious to wizardry. Bradley searches for an invisibility cloak.

Monday, August 10 — 1:30 PM

vs Phoenix Suns


Episode Summary: Rumble and the Gorilla form a deadly alliance. Dennis declares war on the sun.

Wednesday, August 12 — 7 PM

vs Miami Heat


Episode Summary: Danilo struggles after riding Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin before tip-off. Jimmy acts like a jerk.

Friday, August 14 — TBD

vs LA Clippers


Episode Summary: Season finale. A mysterious showdown looms. Paul returns to reveal he’s changed.