So it’s really gonna be like that huh?

Do I think the Thunder are going 0-82 this season? That’s definitely not possible… Right?

Am I for sure picking the under on their projected 23.5 wins this season? Ab-so-lutely.

Christian Wood and the Rockets absolutely dominated this one. At the half, Wood was up to 24 points (10-14 fg) and 9 rebounds. The Thunder struggled to compete from beyond the arc once again as the Rockets shot like the Rockets-of-old hitting 17/38 3’s. The Thunder hit 14/43 from beyond the arc.

Should we freak out? It’s the second game of the season… So no. But we did just lose to the Rockets pretty badly. And while it was a blow out, our young guys didn’t receive substantial minutes. So there is some cause for concern.

The Thunder lose to the Rockets in Houston, 124-91. Houston shot 44.7% from 3PT and basically won every stat category possible vs. OKC.

Postgame thoughts:

  • I came into this one excited. I was expecting to see two young teams competing for four quarters. This looked like one of the few potential wins the Thunder could go grab.
  • That did not happen. I should have known. This is how the game started for OKC on offense:
  • Shout out to anyone else who chose to watch this game over going to Dune in theaters. *Pain*
  • Giddey was aggressive as a playmaker early in this one. Really love his vision & passing.
  • Right now, though… It’s really cramping SGA’s style.
  • And that’s fine! That’s what this season is for. Figuring things out.
  • Both Shai and Giddey are best with the ball in their hands. It will be interesting to see how they work this out throughout the early parts of the season.
  • 15-2 Rockets run to start the 3rd quarter. Woof.
  • After not playing in the first game, Mike Muscala and Ty Jerome got some burn in this one.
  • Muscala dropped 13 points in the third quarter. That’s pretty cool?!
  • A team of 5 Kenrich Williamses would be fun to watch.
  • Kenny Hustle tonight: 12 points (5-10 FG), 4 rebounds, 2 assists in 22 minutes.
  • Williams will continue to stand out on this team. He’s got a dog mentality to him.
  • Wouldn’t be shocked to see some Playoff teams calling Sam Presti about Kenrich as we get closer to the trade deadline.
  • Tre Mann was good again. He really can shoot the ball. He’d be fun to watch if he… you know… got more minutes.
  • Mann: 8 points on 3-5 shooting (2-3 3PT) in 13 minutes of play.
  • Giddey only played 19 minutes tonight. He finished with 6 points, 2 rebounds, and 4 assists.
  • SGA: 13 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 5 turnovers.
  • BazeWatch: 5 points (1-7 fg), 6 rebounds, 2 assists in 17 minutes. Meh game for Darius.
  • Next up: HOME OPENER BABY. Just what this team needs… THUNDER FANS ARE BACK IN THE PEAKE… I MEAN THE COM… PAYCOM…. Paycom Center. Idk.