With the NBA set to resume play on July 31 in Orlando, Vegas has set odds on which of the 22 teams will stay at Disney World. Super convenient, really. The champs won’t have to go anywhere.

“I’m goi…uh…staying here!”

The Oklahoma City Thunder will head to Orlando tied with New Orleans with the 13th-best odds (+9000) to come home a champion. Yes, the same Pelicans team that is currently 10th in the West.

Look at Vegas trying to will Playoff Zion into existence.

Here’s a look at how Bovada sees this entire thing playing out:

Los Angeles Lakers+200
Milwaukee Bucks+275
Los Angeles Clippers+300
Boston Celtics+1200
Toronto Raptors+1400
Houston Rockets+1500
Denver Nuggets+2400
Philadelphia 76ers+2400
Miami Heat+3300
Dallas Mavericks+4000
Utah Jazz+4000
Brooklyn Nets+5000
Indiana Pacers+8000
New Orleans Pelicans+9000
Oklahoma City Thunder+9000
Portland Trail Blazers+15000
Memphis Grizzlies +17500
Orlando Magic+17500
San Antonio Spurs+17500
Phoenix Suns+20000
Sacramento Kings+25000
Washington Wizards+30000

So, odds aren’t in the Thunder’s favor to win it all — which is fine. Chris Paul and his gang of marauders were 40-24 against the spread before coronavirus ruined basketball.