Discusses Thunder season/teammates around 56:00 mark

Chris Paul, aka CP3, aka Point God, aka NBPA prez, is in the building for this week’s episode of Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles. Lean into that speaker as CP3 takes us places he’s never taken anyone before. We’re talking about jobs he had as a kid. Overcoming loss. His motivation to dominate the game. All that. Then stories from New Orleans, OKC, that brief hour or so when he was with Kobe and the Lakers, and of course, Lob City. We’re taking you into the mind of one of the greatest point guards our game has ever seen. We’re talking CP3 like you’ve never heard him before. Listen in. Knuckle UP!


On getting traded to OKC: “The toughest part for me was trying to figure out if my family was going to go. Past that, I was already in the lab working — excited about about whatever came. When it happened, alright, it’s another page. I can control what that looks like. If I come in here and play half-ass and look like a bum, I am a bum. I’m too competitive for that.”

On Shai Gilgeous-Alexander: “He’s a fool first and foremost, but that’s for real like my brother. We talk about all these experiences, right? Not only Shai but Darius Bazley — I always think about the vets that I had… I played with guys who taught me about work.

Going into this year, of course they’re going to make the jokes — “oh you old,” or “you an old head”, I’m always with that. I’m going to compete, too. And I’m to show Shai that playing against each other, shooting against each other… I’m an old head but I’m still going to bust your ass.”

On Dennis Schroder: “He is cold. He is ice. What I love about Dennis is that we’re always on different teams in practice. Me and Dennis be at it. But I love playing with him. I love playing with him.”

On getting back to work: “I really want to get back to playing because my team, man. I’m not just saying that. We’ve got such a good group.”