It’s been 891 days since Andre Roberson last appeared in an NBA game. For context on the ridiculousness of that fact:

  • That’s 2 years, 5 months, and 10 days
  • Carmelo Anthony was on the team
  • Russ the Rocket was a preposterous insult
  • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander was still in college
  • Game of Thrones was still in season 7 — thus, it had yet to disappoint anyone
  • You had no idea what antibodies were

Pretty incredible. I don’t care what Eminem says — forgetting about Dre has been an easy thing to do.

But — according to Lu Dort, the rumor of a potential Dre cameo in Orlando is far from gibberish.

Dort’s comments come five days after Billy Donovan flirted with the same sentiment, saying, “The plan is that when we’re in Orlando is to get him out there 5-on-5 and see how he feels. He feels like he’s made really significant progress, so I’m really happy for him that he’s in a good place.”

So, like, this could totally happen, right? Dre is coming back!

Maybe. You know the drill.

Personally, I’ll continue with cautious optimism and hope to see limited minutes from Roberson in the eight seeding games. With no expectation of him making any real contributions, it’s fingers crossed for a good dude that has worked relentlessly for a shot at some Disney Magic.