Have you heard of NBA TopShot? Or are you playing right now? Come join us at Boomtown Hoops on Sunday, January 31th at 4 p.m. CT for a livestream to talk all things TopShot.

There will be 3 Thunder moment (card) giveaways throughout the show, which could include SGA’s game winning shot versus Charlotte this year, Roby’s ankle braking dunk on the Magic, or a Darius Bazley dunk!

Here is every way to gain an entry:

One entry– retweet/share our live stream.

One entry– like our live stream!

Two entries– tag two friends in the comment section of the livestream.

1 entry– show proof you have joined our Discord server! Either end a message in the channel #top-shot-talk or send us a screenshot of you joining.

These giveaways will only be rewarded to people who are present during the livestream, so make sure to stay tuned. You also must have an NBA TopShot account to receive the card.

See you at 4:00!