Vrenz Bleijenbergh is a prospect not like many others. The 6-foot-10 guard from Belgium is projected to get picked in the second round. I was presented the unique opportunity of speaking with Vrenz after his pre-draft workout with Oklahoma City.

Vrenz was one of the many prospects to have worked out with the Thunder and he said it went well. “I mean it went really good. [I] spoke to the head coach, had a great talk with him,” said Vrenz. He also said he had a great conversation with other staff members.

The young guard from Belgium can do it all on the court. Bleijenbergh would likely fit well with the young squad in OKC. From running point to working in the paint, Vrenz is aware of his adaptability. “I’m very versatile and I can help OKC in any way,” said Vrenz. “OKC has a bright future.”

Picture via News-in-24

Even though he is only 20-years-old, Vrenz believes he can bring experience to the Thunder. “It would be my fourth year pro,” Vrenz told me. This has been proven true by players such as Luka Doncic, a player who has been able to hold their own overseas at a young age and could be a safe pick in the draft.

Vrenz has been picking up attention lately across social media, and he is proud of what he has done. He is hoping at least one team will believe in him. “I’m from Belgium, so getting a lot of recognition is not easy,” Vrenz told me. “I showed what I can do here and I worked really hard to reach my dream and I hope one team in the NBA believes in me.”

Vrenz has appreciated the outpour of love he has received on social media. “I’m not even in the NBA yet and I have a lot of support. …. I really like the fans from OKC,” said Vrenz. “But like we all know, I can’t choose my team.”